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Amsterdam, the famous and notorious capital of the Netherlands. Where you can experience everything, whether you are 16 years old or 70 years old. It is the city where tourists love to try new things. But also the city with a rich history that you see everywhere. It is the city filled with countless nice hotspots, with cool museums and with the most beautiful shops. Being bored will definitely not be a problem.

Wat zijn de nationale feestdagen? Tot hoe laat zijn de winkels open? Waar sla ik m'n bagage op? Lees het allemaal hier.

Practical information

Read what the best travel time is for Amsterdam, what the national holidays are, when the shops are opened and where you can store your luggage.

Photo: Niels Blekemolen
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The best hotspots

You’re in the right place for cozy cafes, trendy restaurants and chic cocktail bars. Check here which hotspots you shouldn’t miss.

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Things to do

There’s an abundance of things to do in Amsterdam. Whether you like history, modern art, architecture, interactive museums, beautiful neighbourhoods  with canals… There is plenty to see.

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Reis je vanaf het buitenland? Of kom je uit een andere stad in Nederland? Lees hier hoe je het makkelijkste Amsterdam bereikt.

How do I get to Amsterdam?

Are you traveling from abroad? Or are you from another city in the Netherlands? Read how to reach Amsterdam the easiest ways possible.

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Amsterdam-West is het grootste stadsdeel van Amsterdam. Het is een diverse, groene buurt met veel levendige wijken: Bos en Lommer, de Baarsjes, Oud-West, Westerpark en Nieuw-West.

Districts of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is pretty big. It is therefore useful to know which neighbourhoods are worth visiting and where it is best to stay overnight. Check this page for an overview and information about the neighbourhoods of Amsterdam.

Photo: Koen Smilde
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