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21 Best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam

By Mathilde Simon
August 03, 2020

It is nice to see that more and more vegan restaurants are opening in Amsterdam. Vegans can eat their hearts out, because throughout the city you will find restaurants with various vegan cuisines, each with tasty dishes.

The restaurants below prove how delicious vegan food can be. From tasty vegan cheeses and fondue to scallops made from king oyster mushroom and dishes in which vegetables form the basis; it will certainly be a tasteful experience at the restaurants below! Visit these 21 best vegan restaurants in Amsterdam.


1. Meatless District

Voor heerlijke vegan gerechten zit je bij Meatless District goed! Hun seizoensgebonden menu is 100% vegan en je kunt hier komen voor een lekkere lunch, diner, snacks en drankjes.

Meatless District is the place to go for delicious vegan dishes! Their seasonal menu is 100% vegan and you can come here for a nice lunch, dinner, snacks and drinks.


Bilderdijkstraat 65-67, 1053 KM Amsterdam
Van Woustraat 189, 191, 1074 AM Amsterdam


2. Mr. & Mrs Watson

Tegenwoordig hoef je als vegan echt niet zoveel te missen en zijn er een hoop goede alternatieven op de markt gekomen. Zoals de heerlijke vegan kaas bij Mr. & Mrs. Watson; ‘Camemberti’, ‘Faux Goat-cream cheese’ en de ‘Pepperjack cheese wheel’.

Nowadays, as a vegan, you really do not have to miss that much and there are a lot of good alternatives on the market. Like the delicious vegan cheese at Mr. & Mrs. Watson; “Camemberti”, “Faux Goat cream cheese” and “Pepperjack cheese wheel”. Really delicious if you fancy a piece of cheese.

You can also go here for vegan sushi, burgers, soup, salads and vegan fondue. A great vegan restaurant!


Linnaeuskade 3h, 1098 BC Amsterdam


3. Bonboon

Enjoy the beautiful view of the water and the skyline of Amsterdam East and of course freshly prepared dishes in vegan restaurant Bonboon. Because Bonboon is certainly the right place for a delicious three-, four- or five-course vegan menu.

Bonboon proves that eating and drinking without animal products can simply be very tasty. Worth a visit!


Piraeusplein 59, 1019 NM Amsterdam


4. Benji’s

Benjis is a favorite of many! This lovely restaurant is inspired by the tropical atmosphere of Bali, which is why you will find a lot of green colours and a lot of plants here. But the use of steel and concrete also gives it an industrial look. It gives it a nice mix!

There are currently three Benji locations in Amsterdam: in East, West and New West. Visit one of the locations for a delicious cup of coffee, brunch or dinner.

Not all dishes are vegan, but the menu clearly states which are vegan, vegetarian, dairy-free, gluten-free or nut-free.


Wibautstraat 196, 1091 GS Amsterdam
Baarsjesweg 188, 1057 HR Amsterdam
Maassluisstraat 243, 1062 GA Amsterdam


5. Ping Pong Parck

You can also eat döner kebab, the (Rotterdam) kapsalon and juicy burgers while being vegan! At Ping Pong Parck they prove this all too well with their colorful dishes.

Besides enjoying these 100% vegan dishes, while you’re here, you can’t miss the opportunity to challenge your friends (or date?) to a game of ping pong.


Overtoom 428HS, 1054 JV Amsterdam


6. De Waaghals

Bij Restaurant de Waaghals serveren ze vegetarische en veganistische gerechten. Het menu verandert hier maandelijks, dus er is altijd wel een reden voor een bezoekje.

At Restaurant de Waaghals they serve vegetarian and vegan dishes. The menu changes monthly, so there is always a reason to visit.


Frans Halsstraat 29, 1072 BK Amsterdam


7. Soil Amsterdam

Vegan restaurant Soil gebruikt gedurfde combinaties en smaken in hun vegan gerechten. Ze experimenteren graag in de keuken met verschillende technieken zoals fermentatie en roken.

Vegan restaurant Soil likes to use bold combinations and flavors in their vegan dishes. They like to experiment in the kitchen with different techniques such as fermentation and smoking.

Their seasonal bowls are made with local products. Some examples of their bowls during the colder months are for example the ‘Peanut Curry Bowl’, ‘Green Curry Bowl’ and the ‘Thai Bowl’. In addition to bowls, you can also find veggie burgers and sandwiches here.


Bilderdijkstraat 141, 1053 KN Amsterdam


8. Oliver Green

Voor een lekker vegan ontbijt of lunch zit je bij Oliver Green in Amsterdam wel goed! Dit fast casual restaurant serveert gerechten die 100% plantaardig zijn, vrij van bewerkte producten en gemaakt met de beste ingrediënten.

Oliver Green is the place to be for a delicious vegan breakfast or lunch! This fast casual restaurant serves dishes that are 100% plant-based, free of processed products and made with the best ingredients.

Think of delicious breakfasts such as an acai bowl, green smoothie bowl or a chia pudding. For lunch there are also delicious options, such as the “Mexican”, the hummus protein bowl or the chimichurri.


Eerste Oosterparkstraat 7, 1091 GT Amsterdam


9. Mana Mana

Mana Mana is een fijn Israëlisch restaurant waar je veel lekkere vegan gerechten kunt bestellen. Denk aan hummus, falafel, tahin en gerookte aubergine, allemaal heerlijke, kleurrijke Midden-Oosterse gerechten.

Mana Mana is a fine Israeli restaurant where you can order many tasty vegan dishes. Think hummus, falafel, tahini, and smoked aubergine, all delicious, colorful Middle Eastern dishes.


Eerste Jan Steenstraat 85, 1072 NE Amsterdam


10. The Meets

The Meets is a plant based restaurant, café, juice & cocktail bar. All dishes at The Meets are homemade with local, honest and organic ingredients.

Here they follow an 80/20 food concept where 80% is vegan and 20% is meat, fish and dairy. The basis is therefore vegan and if you wish you (or your non-vegan friend) can add a piece of meat, fish or dairy to your dishes.

At The Meets they hope to let people experience how delicious vegan food can be. Hopefully the visitors will soon find out that the vegan dishes are tasty enough without the animal products.


Sumatrastraat 28, 1094 ND Amsterdam


11. Pizza Heart Bar

Time for a next level (vegan) pizza! At Pizza Heart Bar they make pizzas for everyone: vegan, vegan and also for the meat eaters. Great if you go out as a vegan with your non-vegan friends. This way, they can also try a slice of your vegan pizza (if you want to sacrifice a slice of course!).


Schollenbrugstraat 8, 1091 EX Amsterdam


12. Mooshka

Food for the soul! Delicious vegetable dishes with African and Caribbean influences. Hummus, “No Chicken Green Bowl” and “Loaded Nachos”. Vegan or not, everyone can enjoy Mooshka.


Van Woustraat 110, 1073 LL Amsterdam


13. Vegan Junk Food Bar

In the colorful Vegan Junk Food Bar, vegans and non-vegans can enjoy 100% vegetable snacks. Think Vegan Junk Food dishes like the original VJFB burgers, flash fries with vegan dips, ‘kapsalons’ and so on.

There are several locations of the Vegan Junk Food Bar in Amsterdam.


Marie Heinekenplein 9, 1072 MH Amsterdam
Reguliersdwarsstraat 57, 1017 BK Amsterdam
Staringplein 22, 1054 VL Amsterdam
Eerste Van Swindenstraat 389, 1093 GB Amsterdam


14. Roots

Gezonde, plantaardige gerechten die vrij zijn van geraffineerde suikers. Eet je glutenvrij? Bijna alles (behalve de broodjes) bij Roots in Amsterdam is glutenvrij en huisgemaakt.

Healthy, plant-based dishes that are free from refined sugars. Do you eat gluten-free? Almost everything (except the sandwiches) at Roots is gluten-free and homemade.

Roots is also known for the cold pressed juices, shots and smoothies. Everything for good health!


Amstelveenseweg 164, 1075 XN Amsterdam


15. Spirit

To combat food waste, they have applied a special concept at Spirit. Here you pay for your breakfast, lunch or dinner on the basis of weight, instead of the dish. The food from the buffet is delicious and all 100% organic and 100% vegetarian. There are also plenty of vegan options!

Here you can trust that everything you eat is healthy, seasonal and good for the environment.


Czaar Peterstraat 2a, 1018 PR Amsterdam


16. Plant Based Sushi

(Vegan) Sushi lovers pay attention! Sushi that’s completely vegan, what else can you expect at Plant Based Sushi? Normally fish predominate in sushi dishes, but Plant Based Sushi proves that this is not a must.

Expect colorful, unique and tasty vegan sushi rolls, and certainly not just monotonous cucumber maki’s.


Admiraal de Ruijterweg 331, 1055 LZ Amsterdam


17. Deer Mama

Do you fancy 100% vegan burgers, tacos or nuggets? Or a brunch full of guilty pleasures? Then visit Deer Mama in Amsterdam, the vegan mylk and burger bar!

The ‘Smoky BBQ Nacho Bucket’, ‘Fried No-Chicken & Waffles’, ‘Classic Dutch Croquettes’ and the ‘Tempeh Ramen Bowl’, all delicious dishes and all completely vegan.


Ceintuurbaan 71, 1072 EW Amsterdam


18. Soup en zo

Soup and so has several locations in Amsterdam. In the Jodenbreestraat they have a nice cafe with a terrace, which is perfect on a sunny day in Amsterdam. The menus change daily and there are always vegan options!


Nieuwe Spiegelstraat 54, 1017 DG Amsterdam
Jodenbreestraat 94, 1011 NS Amsterdam
Van Baerlestraat 81, 1071 AS Amsterdam


19. H/eart.h (temporarily closed)

H/earth.h is a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam where you can enjoy art, streetwear, and performances in addition to delicious food. The name stands for the combination of love (heart) and earth (earth).

On the menu you can find soups, sandwiches, vegan sushi, pasta and specials such as a falafel waffle. Most of it is vegan.


Albert Cuypstraat 208H, 1073 BM Amsterdam


20. Mastino Vegan

Tijd voor een pizza-avond? Mastino V is de eerste 100% vegan en glutenvrije pizzeria in Amsterdam.

Time for a pizza night? Mastino V is the first 100% vegan and gluten-free pizzeria in Amsterdam. The pizzas are made in a traditional Italian way, but with homemade vegan cheeses. Think of classics such as mozzarella, parmesan and brie, but then 100% vegan.

For example, order the “Classica” with tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, vegan cheese, vegan mozzarella and basil.


Bilderdijkstraat 192 H, 1053 LE Amsterdam


21. Loving Hut

The Loving Hut is part of a large international vegan restaurant chain. The simple exterior may not make you feel compelled to step in here, but the Loving Hut is really worth a visit.

There is plenty to choose from on the 100% vegan menu, with many Asian dishes such as delicious vegan dumplings and Dutch classics such as the croque monsieur or a croquette sandwich.


Admiraal de Ruijterweg 334hs, 1055 MZ Amsterdam

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