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Public transportation

Metro in Amsterdam

Like many major cities in the world, Amsterdam has an extensive metro network. Ideal for exploring the city and getting from A to B.

Amsterdam has five metro lines: metro lines 50, 51, 52, 53 and 54. Three of these lines (51, 53 and 54) start at Central Station. Metro line 52 runs from north to south (also passes central station) and metro line 50 runs between Isolatorweg and Gein. Line 50 is therefore the only line that does not pass Central Station.

To get to the center of Amsterdam, there are several possible stations to get off. The most central are Central Station, Waterlooplein and Weesperplein.

The metro (and also the buses and trams) usually run from six in the morning until half past one at night.



If you want to reach Amsterdam from another city in the Netherlands or from, for example, Paris or London, the train is a good option. Amsterdam has nine train stations, of which Amsterdam Central is the most central. From Central Station you can walk to the heart of the city center in 10 minutes and from this train station you can easily switch to trams, buses and ferries.

To travel by train, buy a ticket or check in with an OV chip card. To plan your trip it is useful to go to ns or 9292ov.


Tram & bus

Another way to travel through Amsterdam is by tram or bus. Many trams and buses leave from the central station and run to all corners of the city. There are a lot of lines, so to make it simple it is best to enter your destination on 9292ov. They explain exactly which lines you should have and where you should transfer!

The trams and buses, just like the metro, run from six in the morning until half past one at night. At night you can take the night bus.

For trams and buses you can travel with your OV chip card or buy a single ticket. You can buy the individual tickets at the station at the vending machines, as well as with the chauffeur.


Buy a ticket for public transport

To travel by public transport in Amsterdam you need an OV card or ticket.

For the buses, tram, metro and train there are different tickets that you can buy. The trams, buses and metros are covered by the GVB and all three work with the same kind of tickets. This is slightly different for the train.


Individual tickets

You can buy the following individual tickets for the bus, tram and metro:
– GVB 1 hour
– GVB Day ticket
– GVB Day ticket child
– GVB Multi-day ticket
– GVB Night bus 1 ride
– GVB Night bus 12 rides

Check this website for an extensive overview of all tickets.


Where can I buy a ticket?

The above tickets can be purchased from GVB service shops and vending machines at metro and train stations. The GVB 1 hour ticket and the GVB day ticket can also be purchased from bus drivers and tram drivers. This also applies to the Nightbus 1 ride; this is available from the bus driver.

Are you traveling by train? Then buy a ticket from the machines at the train stations or online via ns.


Public transportation card

If you stay longer in Amsterdam, a public transport card can be very useful. You can charge this card and use it for a few years. You can choose from a personal and an anonymous OV chip card. You can simply buy the anonymous at stations, at the vending machines. You can buy the personal public transport card here.