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How do I get to Amsterdam

From Schiphol to Amsterdam

Are you visiting Amsterdam from another country? Then it is best to fly to Schiphol. This is the largest airport in the Netherlands and it’s the airport of Amsterdam.

From Schiphol you can easily reach the center of Amsterdam. This is possible by train, bus, car and taxi.


Take the train from Schiphol

The train station is located directly below the airport. Once you have collected your bags and you walk towards the exit, you will already see the signs and gates to the trains. Check the NS website for current departure times and check our page on public transport in Amsterdam for more information.


Take the bus from Schiphol

Another great option is the bus. You will find the boarding places in front of Schiphol Plaza, just a few minutes’ walk from the arrivals hall. Check 9292ov for current departure times to your destination.


Take a taxi from Schiphol

Prefer to travel a little more comfortably? Then take a taxi from Schiphol and be dropped off at the door of your destination. Check the Schiphol website for all the options.


Rent a car at Schiphol

Finally, you can easily rent a car for your stay in the Netherlands. You can arrange this in advance online at one of the different providers, or upon arrival. Take a look at this link for all information about car rental at Schiphol.


I arrive in Amsterdam by train

A very nice and fast way to reach Amsterdam from other cities – both from the Netherlands and abroad – is by train.

Do you want to go to the center? Then get off at Amsterdam Central. There are also other stations in Amsterdam, which may be more convenient to travel to depending on your destination. To know the fastest route for your trip, we recommend that you enter your destination address at 9292ov.


I arrive in Amsterdam by car

Of course it is also possible to visit Amsterdam by car. When booking your stay, check if there is an option to park your car at or near the accommodation. Isn’t that the case? Then check Mobypark; here you can easily reserve a parking space at various places in the city.

Keep in mind that Amsterdam is a large and busy city; exploring the city by car is therefore – with some exceptions – perhaps not the most efficient way for everyone. Plan your trip in advance so that you can avoid rush hour as much as possible.

More information can be found on our page about parking in Amsterdam.