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Parking garages

There are a lot of parking garages in Amsterdam center and surroundings, both municipal garages and commercial. However, keep in mind that parking in Amsterdam, also in the garages, can be very expensive.

For an overview of parking garages, it is best to take a look here: Here you will find a map of the city with all parking garages, opening hours and prices per garage.


P+R areas

Our tip is to park your car on a P+R site. A super easy and cheap option to travel to Amsterdam.

It works as follows: park your car in one of the P+R areas around the city center and continue by public transport from here. The prices are as followed:

  • Are you entering the parking garage before 10 a.m. on Monday to Friday? Then you pay € 8 for the first 24 hours and € 1 for the next 24 hours.
  • Do you enter the parking garage after 10 a.m. on Monday to Friday? Then you only pay € 1 per 24 hours.
  • On weekends you pay € 1 per 24 hours.

Please note: 

  • At P+R RAI, the maximum parking time is 24 hours. At the other P+R sites, it is 96 hours. If you plan to park the car for more than 24 hours, always check the times per garage so that you don’t get any surprises.
  • As soon as you travel back to your car by public transport, make sure you have checked in last at a stop in the center. Otherwise, the P+R rate is not valid.

Continue your journey with your OV chip card or with a single ticket. Click here for more information about traveling by public transport in Amsterdam (LINK).

Click here for the overview of P+R sites in Amsterdam.


Street parking

Of course you can also park on the streets of Amsterdam. In terms of price, this depends on where you park the car. In general, the closer you park to the center, the more expensive it becomes. When parking on the street, you can pay via the payment machines or via apps such as Parkmobile or Yellowbrick.



One of our tips when parking your car is Mobypark. The concept is similar to that of Airbnb: someone rents out his or her parking space and you can then rent it from that person. This can be for a half day, a week or several months. Ideal in a busy city like Amsterdam.

It works super simple: on the website you enter the address and the arrival and departure times. Choose a parking space and make a reservation. Book a parking space at Mobypark via this link. (LINK)