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Niet alleen is de koffie hier heerlijk, probeer ook de pancakes bij Butchers Coffee voor ontbijt of lunch!

18 Best places for a coffee in Antwerp

By Mathilde Simon
July 15, 2020
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Antwerp is the ideal city for everyone who loves a good coffee. There is a trendy coffee bar on every corner, where you immediately see the love and attention that goes into in both the coffee and the interior.

Read about the best coffee places in Antwerp below and try them out!


1. Normo

It has a somewhat industrial look, but with a nice living room feeling. Here you drink coffee, roasted by Normo himself. A creative bar where you can easily work for hours on your laptop or with a book.


Minderbroedersrui 30, 2000 Antwerp


2. Butchers Coffee

Niet alleen is de koffie hier heerlijk, probeer ook de pancakes bij Butchers Coffee voor ontbijt of lunch!

We already shared this great place in our article about the best places for breakfast in Antwerp, but Butchers Coffee is a wonderful place for a cup of coffee too. The cafe looks edgy and serves delicious coffee and pancakes.


Kasteelstraat 57, 2000 Antwerp


3. Black & Yellow Coffee Bar

Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow, Black & Yellow … Hard to read without singing right? Chances are you can’t resist singing along anyway when you visit this coffee bar, because in the background you can hear the finest hip-hop tunes.


Nassaustraat 7, 2000 Antwerp


4. Caffe Mundi

Caffe Mundi is ook wel het koffielabo van het koffiemerk Cross Roast. Ze serveren hier vier standaard single origin koffies, en elke maand een unieke koffie.

All coffees at Caffe Mundi come from the coffee brand Cross Roast. Caffe Mundi is therefore also called Cross Roast’s coffee lab. They serve four standard single origin coffees here, and a unique coffee every month.


Oude Beurs 24, 2000 Antwerp


5. Mokkakapot

A unique cafe which also serves as a gallery. It is located slightly outside the center, but if you are in the area, it’s a nice place for a coffee in this colorful cafe.


Sergeyselsstraat 2, 2140 Antwerp


6. Caffènation

Bij Caffènation branden ze hun eigen koffiebonen en ligt de focus op kwaliteit koffie en goede relaties met hun klanten. Bezoek de locatie in het centrum of die in het PAKT.

Whether you want to stock up on a pack of coffee beans, or sit at the table with your laptop or with friends for a fresh cup; everything is possible. At Caffènation they roast their own coffee beans and the focus is on quality coffee and good relationships with their customers.

Visit the location in the center, or take a trip to the special PAKT, where Caffènation is located between large industrial warehouses.


Mechelsesteenweg 16, 2000 Antwerp

Lamorinierestraat 161, 2018 Antwerp (PAKT)


7. Belga & Co

At Belga & Co they view coffee as more than a drink. It is a time when your daily routine pauses and you can put your worries aside. With that attitude we definitely want to come here for a coffee!


Lange Klarenstraat 14, 2000 Antwerp


8. Esco*Bar

A cozy coffee bar, close to the central station. Not only the ideal location to meet someone, but also a nice coffee shop with a good vibe and a tasty menu.


Quellinstraat 32, 2018 Antwerp


9. Coffeelabs

Looking for a moment of rest while shopping on the Meir? Then visit Coffeelabs. It’s a bit hidden, but once found, you enter a cool hotspot with an industrial touch. A delicious breakfast, lunch, coffee and, if the weather permits, a spot on the roof terrace.


Lange Klarenstraat 19, 2000 Antwerp


10. Kolonel Koffie

A raw look, good coffee and nice breakfast. Whether you just want to read a newspaper quietly, or go to work behind your laptop; you’ll have no trouble waking up here with a big caffeine boost.


Montignystraat 51, 2018 Antwerp
Ankerrui 15, 2000 Antwerp


11. Charlie’s

Charlotte is eigenaar van deze award winning koffiebar, waar de opties aan koffie je om de oren vliegen. Ook qua eten is er wat voor iedereen: voor de kleine eter, de grote eter, de vegetariër of degene die glutenvrij eet.

Charlotte owns this award winning coffee bar, where the options of coffee are endless. Also in terms of food there is something for everyone: for the small eater, the big eater, the vegetarian or the person who eats gluten-free. Everything is possible.


Volkstraat 66, 2000 Antwerp


12. Coffee & Vinyl

Coffee & Vinyl is especially for all music lovers and anyone who likes good coffee.

In addition to a wide range of LPs, singles and CDs, they serve good coffee, tasty pastries and hot chocolate.


Volkstraat 45, 2000 Antwerp


13. Buchbar

It is both a bookshop and a coffee shop, and they serve delicious cakes, sandwiches and other tasty things at any time of the day.


Scheldestraat 79, 2000 Antwerp


14. Kaffeenini

Coffee, bagels, good service and free WiFi. Seven days a week you drink coffees of all shapes and sizes and eat from the extensive list of bagels. How about a Speculatte or a Cappuccino classico with ginger, white chocolate & honey?


Nationalestraat 114A, 2000 Antwerp


15. Green Garage

On ‘t Eilandje you will find Green Garage: a very special coffee bar. Previously this was a car garage, but nowadays a place where you drink delicious coffee and tea.


Cadixstraat 7, 2000 Antwerp


16. Me & My Monkey

A nice retro coffee bar which is also a vinyl store. A lovely hotspot, run by a family, where you drink tasty coffee from Taeymans beans.


Oever 18, 2000 Antwerp


17. Cuperus Koffie

It is the oldest coffee bar in Antwerp and they know everything about coffee. At Cuperus you not only drink coffee and tea, but you can also learn everything there is to know about coffee through fun workshops.


Paardenmarkt 28, 2000 Antwerp
Sint-Katelijnevest 51, 2000 Antwerp


18. Viggo’s

A coffee bar with a Scandinavian touch, where you can drink delicious specialty coffee. Filter coffee, latte, cappuccino, and of course delicious snacks.


De Coninckplein 21, 2060 Antwerp

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