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How do I get to Antwerp?

From Antwerp Airport to Antwerp center

One of the options to get to Antwerp is to fly to Antwerp airport. To get to the center from the airport, you can take the train, bus and tram.

There is the option to travel to Antwerp Central Station. For this you take bus 51, 52 or 53 from the airport towards Antwerp-Berchem. From here you take the train to Antwerp Central.

From Antwerp-Berchem there are also other ways than the train to get to the center. Tram 4 (towards Silsburg) stops at Antwerp Groenplaats, near the city center. Tram 9 (towards Linkeroever) stops at the Meir (the large shopping street) and Groenplaats and tram 11 (towards Rooseveltplaats) stops near Antwerp Central.

Taxis are also available at the airport exit. If there are no taxis, you can ask for a taxi at the information desk.


From Brussels to Antwerp Center

The largest airport in Belgium is Brussels Airport. It is therefore very likely that your flight to Belgium lands here. If you want to visit Antwerp from here, that is certainly possible!

You can reach Antwerp Central Station in 36 minutes by train. Take the Intercity Direct to Amsterdam Central.

You can also choose to take a long-distance bus to Antwerp center. Take the Airport Express or the BlaBlaBus. Buy a ticket for this via the websites. The bus stops can be found directly below the arrivals hall, at level 0.

Of course you can also take a taxi from here. Keep in mind that the distance between Antwerp and Brussels is more than 40 km, so the price of the ride can get pretty high.


I arrive in Antwerp by train

Antwerp Central Station is the ideal station to go to if you want to visit Antwerp. You can walk from the station to the Meir in no time. Antwerp has more stations though. Depending on your destination, you can see which is closest to you.


I arrive in Antwerp by car

Of course you can also just go to Antwerp by car. Make sure to plan your trip in advance so that you can avoid rush hour and be sure of a parking space.
Tip: is there no parking space at the place where you are staying? Then reserve a parking space via Mobypark.

More information can be found on our page about parking in Antwerp.