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How do I
rent a bicycle?

A super fun and easy way to explore the city is of course by bicycle! Whether you want to tour Antwerp by bike all day long, or want to take short trips from one attraction to another; a bicycle is the ideal means of transport.

There are a number of ways to rent a bicycle. We explain some common ways below:


1. Velo fiets

The Velo bicycles are shared bicycles that you can grab and leave at certain points in the city. It is super simple:

Online you can choose if you want a day, week or year pass. A day ticket is € 4, a week € 10 and an annual card € 49. After you have made your choice, you will receive an SMS and email containing your user codes.

As soon as you want to use the bicycle, enter the codes on the column and you can take your bicycle with you. You can use the bicycle for 30 minutes per ride. Do you use it longer? Then an amount is added. Check their website for all information about a Velo bicycle.


2. Rental companies

If you prefer not to be stuck with a time of 30 minutes per ride, you can of course also rent your own bicycle. That way, it is all yours for the period that you rent it. You can rent a bicycle at various shops in Antwerp, but you can also easily do so online via BimBimBikes.


You can rent your own bicycle online at BimBimBikes for a period of time. BimBimBikes is a kind of online mediator between you and bicycle rental companies, so you can see in a clear overview what the possibilities are.

How does it work exactly?

Step 1. Surf to the BimBimBikes website and choose where you want to go. Then type in Antwerp.

Step 2. You will now see an overview of rental companies. You can compare prices and bikes here. Here you make the decision where you would like to rent a bicycle.

Step 3. On the page of the company where you would like to rent your bicycle, make a choice in the number of days in the calendar at the top right.

Step 4. Also enter the type and number of bicycles you want to rent. The total amount of your chosen bicycle (s) will automatically appear on the right.

Step 5. Pay with Paypal, Mastercard, Maestro, Visa or iDeal. As soon as your booking with BimBimBikes is received, they will send you a confirmation of receipt.

Rent a bike at BimBimBikes here. 


3. Buy your own bike

In case you are staying in Antwerp for a longer or indefinite period, it is great to own your own bicycle. You can do this at various shops, but it is cheaper to buy your bike second-hand. For example via 2dehands. Also ask yourself if people know someone who sells his / her bicycle or via Facebook.