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1. Parking garages

Parking in a parking garage in Antwerp is relatively cheap compared to street parking. Antwerp has several parking garages, spread across the city. In the center area you pay about € 3 per hour. Check this website about parking in Antwerp for an overview of parking garages and rates.


2. P+R areas

A very cheap way of parking and traveling to Antwerp is to park your car on a P+R site. You can park for free in these areas, after which you travel further by public transport to the center. Ideal for a day of shopping, for example!

Read here about the different P+R areas.


3. Street parking

Of course you can also park on the street in Antwerp, but the parking spots for this are limited, especially in the city center.

Antwerp has different areas with different rules. In all areas, paid parking is from Monday to Saturday (excluding Sundays and public holidays). The closer you park to the center, the more expensive the rates.

Have a look at this website for a clear map of all parking areas and the associated parking conditions.

At parking places on the street you pay in advance with your debit card at the nearest payment terminal, via the app such as Parkmobile or Be-Mobile, or via an SMS.


4. Mobypark

Mobypark is a very handy website to reserve a parking space in advance. This is very useful, for example, if you are going to Antwerp for a weekend and there is no parking space available at your stay. At Mobypark you rent a parking space from someone else for a part of the day, a few days or even a number of months.

It is very easy. On the website you enter the address and the arrival and departure times. Choose a parking space and make a reservation. Book a parking space at Mobypark here.