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Practical information

The weather

Belgium, and so also Antwerp, has a moderate oceanic climate. This means that winters and summers are mild and rain falls all year round. The climate can differ in Belgium however, for example, it can feel different in the Ardennes and look more like a continental climate.

In any case, when planning your trip to Antwerp, it is advisable to check which period is best. The seasons in are divided as follows:

Spring (March 21 to June 20)
Summer (June 21 to September 20)
Autumn (September 21 to December 20)
Winter (December 21 to March 20)


Best time to travel to Antwerp

The best time to visit Antwerp is from May to October. In these months you have the best chance of nice sunny weather. However, there is always the chance that there will be rainfall or that the temperature is a bit low. In July and August it can get very (tropical) warm in Antwerp, while in December, January, February and March there is a lot of chance of frost. Yet Antwerp is also really fun to visit in the fall, with the holidays in mind.


National holidays

Antwerp and Belgium as a whole has a number of public holidays. It is useful to know this before your visit, so that you can take it into account when planning. The shops may be closed on some public holidays.

In general, the shops in Antwerp are closed on the holidays below. On Labor Day or All Saints’ Day, shops may still be open if it falls on the 1st Sunday of the month.

New Year’s Day January 1, 2021
Easter Sunday April 4, 2021
Easter Monday April 5, 2021
Labor Day May 1, 2021
Our Lord’s Ascension May 13, 2021
Pentecost Sunday May 23, 2021
Whit Monday 24 May, 2021
Belgian National Holiday July 21, 2021
Our Lady Assumption 15 August, 2020
All Saints’ Day 1 November, 2020
Armistice-day 11 November, 2020
Christmas December 25, 2020


Emergency numbers

Save the number below in your phone before your visit to Antwerp; that way you can quickly get help.

National emergency number: 112
Urgent police help: 101
Fire brigade and ambulance: 100


Luggage storage

Sometimes it may be useful to store your luggage at a central point in Antwerp. Fortunately, this is possible at Central Station.

You can rent a safe in different sizes for a period of 24 hours. If the 24-hour period has passed or if you open the safe in the meantime, a new 24-hour period must be paid. You can rent the safe for a maximum of 168 hours.


Opening hours shops

In Antwerp, the shops are usually open from Monday to Saturday between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. These times may vary slightly per store. On Sundays, shops are opened on every first Sunday of the month. The shops in Antwerp are closed on other Sundays. However, several supermarkets are open on Sundays.