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Bijna alles bij Plant B in Antwerpen is veganistisch. Denk aan lekkere Chai Porridge, Pataya Bowl, of een YOLO vegan breakfast.

15 Vegan restaurants in Antwerp

By Mathilde Simon
July 15, 2020

Vegan breakfast, vegan lunch and vegan dinner… Anything is possible in Antwerp. Delicious dishes with plant based ingredients, fancy hotspots with a nice interior and a quick falafel bite; they are all there.

Read about the best vegan restaurants in Antwerp below and try them out!


1. Camion

Coffee, lunch & dinner

The two best friends Camille & Boqion started Camion out of love for food and drinks. Their idea turned into a 100% vegan restaurant where you can enjoy lunch, dinner, coffee or a cocktail.

The products are largely organic, local, seasonal, recycled, handmade and fair trade. What is on the menu you wonder? Hummus with bread, miso potatoes, lentil soup, salads and much more. And we recommend sharing!


Paleisstraat 7, 2018 Antwerp


2. Wild Project


At Wild Project they serve vegan dishes, with a Mediterranean touch. Think delicious portobello, risotto, polpette and tortilla – all perfect for sharing.


Grote Pieter Potstraat 21, 2000 Antwerp



Breakfast & lunch

At HART in Antwerp, you’ll enjoy a delicious plant-based breakfast and lunch. A delicious mix of flavors from Spain, Chile and China make up the menu. Think of scrambled tofu, vegan tortillas, sourdough sandwiches, but also homemade granola and vegan croissants.


Minderbroedersrui 34, 2000 Antwerp


4. Frituur Mémé Frit


It may not be the most romantic restaurant, but a snack bar with a lot of vegan snacks should not be missing from this list. At Frituur Mémé Frit, there is enough choice in vegan and vegan dishes, such as vegan bitterballen, vegan nuggets, falafel chilli burger and so on.


Provinciestraat 164, 2018 Antwerp



Lunch & dinner

Vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose-free … Everything is possible at MURNI. All dishes on the menu – such as the delicious Homemade Veggieburger, Mushroom Shawarma and the Israeli Market Salad – are clearly labeled with what possible (animal) ingredients it may contain.


Graaf van Egmontstraat 59, 2000 Antwerp
Beukenlaan 12, 2020 Antwerp


6. Plant B

Bijna alles bij Plant B in Antwerpen is veganistisch. Denk aan lekkere Chai Porridge, Pataya Bowl, of een YOLO vegan breakfast.

Breakfast, coffee & lunch

Except for a few dishes, you eat completely vegan at Plant B. During breakfast you are faced with a large choice between dishes such as Chai Porridge, Pitaya Bowl or a YOLO vegan breakfast. In addition, they serve tasty sandwiches, salads and tapas dishes to share during the day.


Oude Koornmarkt 64, 2000 Antwerp


7. Falafel Tof

Lunch & dinner

We love hotspots like these! Here you can get a quick bite, which is not only very affordable, but also healthy.

Choose a tasty falafel or salad sandwich, find a spot on the terrace or simply order it for take away. Please note that some dishes here are vegetarian, and not vegan.


Hoogstraat 32, 2000 Antwerp


8. De Broers van Julienne

Lunch & dinner

De Broers van Julienne is a restaurant with mainly vegetarian dishes, but also with many vegan options. Expect stews, quiches, lasagna and tasty hot and cold (vegetable) options on the menu. The interior is simple yet atmospheric and when the sun is out, you have a seat in their garden.


Kasteelpleinstraat 45/47, 2000 Antwerp


9. Greenway

Lunch & dinner

You will not only find Greenway in their own restaurants, but also in the supermarket, the food service, at festivals and at various catering establishments on the menu. How cool is that?

The menu includes burgers, wraps and “funky” salads. All naturally made with their own products.


Groenplaats 6, 2000 Antwerp


10. Starfish & Coffee


A true hotspot in Antwerp, with a nice interior, rich sandwiches, cakes and coffee. Starfish & Coffee is almost completely vegan, so you can safely order the vegan salmon and sandwiches with homemade spreads.


Bresstraat 9, 2018 Antwerp


11. Native

Lunch & dinner

Not completely vegan, but a vegan-friendly hotspot in Antwerp where you can have lunch and dinner. On the menu are dishes in which plants play the leading role. Quiches, salads and fresh daily dishes are on the menu, as well as tasty juices and sandwiches.


Muntstraat 8, 2000 Antwerp


12. Simone’s Kitchen


According to Simone’s Kitchen, healthy eating is about balance, not about giving up tasty things. And we totally agree with that. Because on the menu you will find delicious vegetable dishes, which give a warm, homely feeling and taste great.

Tip: Have a nice brunch on Sunday at Simone’s Kitchen.


Breughelstraat 32, 2018 Antwerp


13. Le Pain Quotidien

Breakfast & lunch

It has now become an international chain, with locations all over the world. And we totally get that, because Le Pain Quotidien is one of our favorites. Not 100% vegan, but a lot of tasty plant-based options.


Graanmarkt 6, 2000 Antwerp
Steenhouwersvest 48, 2000 Antwerp
Lange Kievitstraat 107, 2018 Antwerp
Mechelsesteenweg 45/47, 2018 Antwerp


14. Mooy

Brunch & lunch

It may not all be vegan on their menu, but Mooy in Antwerp certainly deserves a spot in this article. Pink sofas, chairs, walls and a load of roses on the walls; a true hotspot with a sparkling interior and chic breakfast and lunch dishes.

All dishes are fresh, sustainable and organic. There are some vegan options, so check what is and what is not an option for you!


Lombardenvest 19, 2000 Antwerp


15. Hümm

Breakfast, lunch & dinner

Middle Eastern cuisine is known for offering delicious vegan-friendly dishes. This also applies to Hümm, where the famous hummus plays a major role.

Open from early in the morning until late at night, with delicious dishes such as the “Hummy Side-Up”, Barbari and Mezze.


Dageraadplaats 33, 2018 Antwerp


That’s is, the best vegan restaurants in Antwerp! Which are you going to try first?

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