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Een van de leukste strandtenten in Scheveningen is toch wel Indigo. Super kleurrijk, lekker eten en een fijne sfeer!

11 Best beach bars in Scheveningen

By Mathilde Simon
July 29, 2020

A fun boulevard, a wide beach and of course the best beach bars; just a few minutes away from The Hague center you will find the coastal town of Scheveningen.

With your feet in the sand, a cocktail in your hand and the sea in front of you; What else is there to want? Read about the best beach bars in Scheveningen, which will make your visit to Scheveningen even better.


1. Indigo

Een van de leukste strandtenten in Scheveningen is toch wel Indigo. Super kleurrijk, lekker eten en een fijne sfeer!

At Indigo it really feels like a vacation. The beach tent is decorated with lanterns, fire poles, wooden outdoor bars and a colorful terrace, which creates an amazing atmosphere.

On the menu you will find fusion dishes, as we would expect at a beach bar that has such an international vibe. A breakfast with a healthy smoothie bowl, avocado with poached egg for lunch and a snack platter with a cocktail (or two). We know where we will be this summer…


Strandweg 65, 2586 JL Den Haag


2. Patagonia Beach

Patagonia is een stijlvolle strandtent in Scheveningen en de ideale plek om met je familie te genieten van een lekkere lunch of diner.

A little more fancy than the other beach bars and therefore the ideal spot to enjoy a nice lunch or dinner with your family. Choose a baguette with mackerel, a Thai Duck Salad or tasty bites like the Veggie Pata Platter.


Zwarte Pad 57A, 2586 HZ Den Haag



During the day a cool beach tent and in the evening the perfect place for a good party. Every Sunday, WHOOSAH is transformed into a club with international DJs, tasty drinks and a great atmosphere. Keep an eye on the calendar, for all the fun parties and pop-up events that are being held on other days as well.


Zwarte Pad 66, 2586 JM Den Haag


4. Colorado Charlie

Located on the popular Zwarte Pad, you will find the beach bar Colorado Charlie. During the day you can enjoy their sustainable and organic dishes with your feet in the sand and in the evening you dance to the best music with your friends.


Zwarte Pad 64, 2586 JM Den Haag


5. Hart Beach

Hart Beach is located on the other side of the beach. A real surf tent where you can eat honest, organic and delicious food and the place to learn how to surf. “Surf, honest food, rock & roll and good vibes” is what they stand for; sounds good to us!


Strandweg 3 B, 2586 JK Den Haag


6. The Shore

The Shore is on the same side as Hart Beach; a sustainable surf school and meeting place where surfers, nature lovers and people who like to live consciously come together.

Whether you want to experience the thrill of surfing, or just want to enjoy good food; everything is possible. Try their Specialty Coffee, their extensive choice of pancakes, a healthy smoothie and … enjoy!


Strand Noord 2a, 2586 ZZ, 2586, Den Haag


7. The Fat Mermaid

Although the beach bars on the Zwarte Pad are predominant in this list, there are still a few gems on the boulevard. Like The Fat Mermaid for example.

The decor, music and service ensure the chill atmosphere that prevails here. In the morning you can eat tasty French toast, in the afternoon a good sandwich, in the evening a burger and there is always room for one of their tasty lemonades.


Strand Noord 19, 2586 ZZ Den Haag


8. Manta Beach

Nog een leuke aanwinst bij het Zwarte Pad! Manta Beach is er voor jong en oud en hier kan je heerlijk zitten, bij zowel goed als slecht weer. Kies voor een lekkere acai bowl, eggs on toast, de vega taco’s of een van hun pizza’s.

Another nice addition to the Zwarte Pad. Manta Beach is for everyone, despite your age, and you can come here in both good and bad weather. Choose a tasty acai bowl, eggs on toast, the vegan tacos or one of their pizzas.


Strand Noord 57b, 2586 ZZ Den Haag


9. Beachclub Culpepper

You can recognize Beach Club Culpepper by the red details, such as the cushions, chairs and umbrellas. It’s not only a great place to enjoy the sun, but the main reason to come here is for their fresh wood oven pizzas. Not a fan of pizza? They have plenty of other dishes on the menu as well.


Zwarte Pad 60, 2586 JL Den Haag


10. Barbarossa Beach

We like to linger on the Zwarte Pad, because here you will find Barbarossa Beach. A nice place to take your kids, especially on a Sunday. Every Sunday they organize a Breakfast Club and Kids Club, where you can eat from an extensive buffet for a fixed price. For the kids there is the possibility to jump the trampoline and other fun activities.


Zwarte Pad 61, 2586 JL Den Haag


11. DownUnderBeach

BBQ on the beach, surf camp in the summer, Expedition Robinson games, kitesurfing lessons… DownUnderBeach has everything you can possibly imagine.

However, if you are just looking for a nice cup of coffee and a sandwich, that is of course not a problem either.


Zwarte Pad 1, 2586 ZZ Den Haag


In which beach bar will we find you this summer in Scheveningen?


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Looking for the best beach bars in Scheveningen? Enjoy these gems with your feet in the sand, a cocktail in your hand and the sea right in front of you.☀️

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