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In restaurant Milú eet je volgens een shared dining principe, waarin je de gerechtjes lekker met elkaar kan delen. Denk aan sushi rollen, mosselen, frietjes, taco’s en ga zo maar door.

11 Affordable restaurants in The Hague

By Mathilde Simon
July 23, 2020

Starting to run out of money and looking for an affordable restaurant in The Hague? Fortunately, The Hague is full of restaurants where you can eat deliciously for a very reasonable price.

Whether you are looking for a quick (take away) bite or a extensive dinner; below you can read about some great affordable restaurants in The Hague.


1. De Sushimeisjes

Sushi eten in Den Haag doe je natuurlijk bij de Sushi Meisjes! De lekkerste klassiekers, rollen met een twist en vegan opties!

Photo: thesocialmarketeernl

In the Zeeheldenkwartier you will find De Sushimeisjes, who prepare fresh tasty sushi rolls with much love every day. Of course you can order the classic rolls here, but also make sure to try the rolls with a twist or the vegan options.

For example, choose a sushi mix of €16.75 for 1 person, in which you get 15 different sushi pieces. This is also possible for two or more persons. Also perfect if you’re looking for a sushi hotspot for take away.


Valkenboskade 622, 2563 JP Den Haag
Prins Hendrikstraat 96, 2518 HW Den Haag


2. De Vegetarische Snackbar

You know the feeling: it’s a Friday, you’re not in the mood to cook, but going out for dinner is a step too far. The perfect solution then is to just go to the snack bar and treat yourself with fries, a kapsalon, burger or croquette! And best of all, everything you order is vegetarian or vegan!


Stationsplein 5A, 2515 BT Den Haag


3. Restaurant Oogst

Want to go out for a fancy dinner, but a Michelin restaurant is not really in your price range? Then try Restaurant Oogst, where you choose a 3-, 4- or 5-course menu from € 34.

The ingredients come directly from their own vegetable garden, where they harvest their vegetables, flowers and herbs every day. It doesn’t get anymore organic and fresh than this!


Denneweg 10, B, 2514 CG Den Haag


4. Viet Street

Viet street in Den Haag is ideaal als je even snel een lekkere hap wilt. Eet bijvoorbeeld de bekende Bahn Mi of een lekkere Pho.

Vietnamese food is not only tasty, but also perfect if you don’t want to spend much. It might not be the place for an extensive dinner, but perfect for a quick meal. In the afternoon, a good choice is the well-known Bahn Mi, which consists of a French baguette with various toppings. You also go for a delicious Pho and Bun Cha here.

Herengracht 38, 2511 EJ Den Haag
Gedempte Gracht 64, 2512 KB Den Haag


5. Vincenzo’s

Ga voor een lekkere pizza naar Vincenzo’s in Den Haag. Op een super leuke locatie in het Zeeheldenkwartier eet je heerlijke pizza Tonno, pizza Quattro Formaggi of pizza Melanzane.

One of the tastiest and most affordable dishes is of course a pizza! For under € 20 you are set with a drink and for example a delicious pizza Tonno, pizza Quattro Formaggi or pizza Melanzane.


Prins Hendrikstraat 75, 2518 HL Den Haag


6. Café Zèta

You can basically spend your entire day at Zèta. Whether you want a coffee, lunch or a nice dinner. In the evening you dine according to Thai cuisine, with Asian classics such as Pad Thai or a Noodle Soup. Don’t forget to try some tasty street food snacks, such as Gyoza and Asian Street Fries.


Grote Markt 28, 2511 BG Den Haag


7. Milú

In restaurant Milú eet je volgens een shared dining principe, waarin je de gerechtjes lekker met elkaar kan delen. Denk aan sushi rollen, mosselen, frietjes, taco’s en ga zo maar door.

In restaurants like Milú you can make it expensive as you’d like as they work with a shared dining principle. Order small dishes such as sushi rolls, mussels, fries, tacos and so on.


Driehoekjes 15, 2513 AZ Den Haag


8. Fratelli

Italian food is always a good idea. Order a tasty pizza or pasta at Fratelli or, if you have a bit more to spend, a fish or meat dish.


Tournooiveld 1, 2511 CX Den Haag


9. The Beergarden

In the basement of the Old Town Hall you will find The Beergarden; an underground hotspot where they serve sophisticated organic junk food and beer. Think of hot dogs and burgers along with a wide beer range.


Kerkplein, 2513 AX Den Haag


10. Burrata

Burrata on pizza, in pasta, antipasti and secondi … Sounds good!

Also nice: every last Thursday of the month you can go there for the Aperitivo XL. This is an after-work drink where you can enjoy their delicious Italian bites. The Aperitivo XL lasts from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM and is held at Burrata Kortenaerkade and Burrata Turfmarkt.


Goudenregenplein 4, 2565 GJ Den Haag
Turfmarkt 87, 2511 DP Den Haag
Kortenaerkade 1, 2518 AX Den Haag


11. Palmette

Bij de bistro Palmette in Den Haag eet je volgens de Frans-internationele keuken. Dit betekent gerechten zoals gnocchi met eekhoorntjesbrood, kastanjes en champignons of bijvoorbeeld aubergine op Libanese wijze, kabeljauw of knolselderijsoep.

In this cozy bistro you dine according to the French-international cuisine. This means dishes such as gnocchi with porcini mushrooms, chestnuts or, for example, Lebanese eggplant, cod or celeriac soup. And while you’re there, start the evening with a nice portion of oysters!

The chef’s menu starts with three courses from €33.50 and goes as far as 6 courses for €49.50. It is not the place for a quick bite, but rather an evening of fine dining with beautiful dishes, for a great price.


Plaats 27, 2513 AD Den Haag


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Would you like a bite to eat in an affordable restaurant in The Hague? Luckily, The Hague is full of restaurants where you dine for a great price!

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