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In het Zeeheldenkwartier kan je bij PLENTY even ontsnappen aan de drukte met een lekker plant-based ontbijtje. De gerechten hebben Midden-Oosterse invloeden en zijn verrassend en voedzaam. Of je nou trek hebt in pancakes, overnight oats of lekker brood; het kan allemaal.

19 Best brunch spots in The Hague

By Mathilde Simon
October 30, 2020

What are the best brunch spots in The Hague? We’ve got the answers! We all like to get out of bed a little later to then enjoy an extensive breakfast or lunch: also brunch. Whether it’s with pancakes, a tasty sandwich or an extensive brunch platter. Everything is possible!

Read below the best brunch spots in The Hague to start your day with a bang.


1. Teds

Brunch nemen ze bij Teds erg serieus. Hier eet je namelijk brunch all-day long! Met hun all-day brunch concept geniet je hier in de ochtend en middag lekkere french toast, croissants, banana pancakes, verschillende soorten sandwiches én natuurlijk een glaasje mimosa.

At Teds, they take brunch very seriously. This means: brunch all-day long! With their all-day brunch concept, you can enjoy delicious French toast, croissants, banana pancakes, different types of sandwiches and of course a glass of mimosa in the morning and afternoon.

Do you want to brunch like a king? Then order one of their combi menus, such as the champagne brunch, bloody mary brunch, espresso martini brunch or the mimosa brunch.


Frederikstraat 32, 2514 LK Den Haag


2. Vascobelo

For most of us, it’s only normal to start your day with a fresh cup of coffee. And that’s exactly what do they at Vascobelo, as they serve high quality Belgian coffee.

Apart from the coffee, the food menu is also worth a try. For example, choose the Vascobelo breakfast dish, with everything you might crave. Also tasty are the Eggs California or the Hummus & Avocado Toast. Whatever you feel like, there’s plenty of choice!


Hooistraat 2, 2514 BM Den Haag


3. Café de Florez

Fancy a trip to Paris? Then go for brunch at Café de Florez. This brunch-petit diner restaurant can be found in the Hofkwartier and has the complete look and feel of a Parisian café.

According to their all day brunch concept, you can order delicious French specialties here. Oeuf Bénédicte, Blueberry Pancakes or tasty Pain Perdu (French toast), anyone?


Annastraat 17, 2513 AT Den Haag


4. Club Vers

Eten bij Club Vers is vers, gezond én lekker. Ideaal voor vegetariërs of veganisten of mensen die gewoon heel graag genieten van een all-day breakfast!

Fresh, healthy and delicious. Perfect for vegetarians or vegans or people who just love to enjoy an all-day breakfast!

What can you expect? Pancakes with salted caramel mascarpone, almond flakes and maple syrup; a sandwich with harissa hummus and grilled vegetables or a tasty spinach waffle with smoked salmon.

The place looks trendy, the dishes are delicious and the atmosphere is great. What more could you want for a nice brunch?


Stationsweg 136a, 2515 BS Den Haag


5. Hug the Tea

Bij HUG THE TEA in Den Haag staat alles in het teken van de biologische groene thee matcha! Matcha pancakes, - wafel, smoothie bowls en meer!

Photo: Myrthe Slootjes

At Hug the Tea they do things a little bit differently. Here, matcha is their go-to ingredient! Great fun if you are looking for something special or are a fan of this green powder. Think of matcha pancakes, – waffles and of course matcha tea in all shapes and forms.


Papestraat 13, 2513 AV Den Haag


6. Boulangerie Michel

Starting your day with the freshest bread sounds perfect to us. And what other place to do that, then at a real boulangerie? In this real French pastry shop, called Boulangerie Michel, you eat delicious high quality bread.

Tasty sandwiches, quiches and of course the French croque monsieur are all part of the menu. And while you’re there, don’t forget to try some of their sweet treats.


Breitnerlaan 2, 2596 HC Den Haag
Oude Molstraat 17, 2513 BA Den Haag
Rusthoekstraat 56, 2584 CV Den Haag
2e Schuytstraat 121, 2517 TL Den Haag


7. Yoghurt Barn

Veel mensen starten hun dag met yoghurt. Ben jij ook zo iemand? Dan moet je zeker eens naar Yoghurt Barn in Den Haag gaan.

Fancy something sweet to start your day? Then a yogurt may just be what you need! At Yoghurt Barn you can put together your own yoghurt with all kinds of delicious toppings.

Also nice: they serve an all-day breakfast deluxe at Yoghurt Barn. This means yogurt, croissant, cake, fresh orange juice, coffee & more!


Plaats 25, 2513 AD Den Haag


8. Appeltje Eitje

Do you live in the Zeeheldenkwartier and do you want to wake up quietly in a homely environment? Then I would recommend going to Appeltje Eitje!

Here they make fresh sandwiches, soups, croissants, toasted sandwiches, pitas, pancakes and so on. The menu is so extensive that there is something for everyone, regardless of dietary preferences.


Prins Hendrikstraat 69, 2518 HL Den Haag


9. Haver

How about spinach pancakes with avocado, salmon and crème fraîche? Or do you prefer to start your day with something sweet, such as the yogurt with homemade granola and fresh fruit? Plenty of choice at least, when going to Haver!


Reinkenstraat 103, 2517 CT Den Haag


10. Fleur’s koffie

Good coffee is of course essential at the start of your day. At Fleur’s coffee they serve coffee from local suppliers, with as little waste as possible.

In addition, the atmosphere is super welcoming and the food is top notch. For example, start your day with ‘Fleur’s breakfast’, which includes a croissant, boiled egg, toast, yogurt, fresh fruit and fresh orange juice.


Van Bylandtstraat 92, 2562 GL Den Haag


11. Confetti

In this festive cafe they have three goals: to spoil, surprise and pay attention. A cheerful place with delicious dishes. For example, try the oatmeal with baked apple or the homemade granola with Greek yogurt.


Prinsestraat 63, 2513 CB Den Haag


12. Barista Café

Until 12:00 you can go to Barista for delicious dishes such as the smoothie bowl, pancakes or of course the extensive Barista Breakfast. Did you get out of bed too late? Then go for one of the tasty sandwiches!


Frederikstraat 66, 2514 LL Den Haag
Dagelijkse Groenmarkt 32, 2513 AL Den Haag


13. Coffeelicious

Especially for the sweet appetite, Coffeelicious is a great spot. From pancakes, chai lattes and cakes, to a tasty portion of scones. Fortunately, they also offer delicious paninis and avocado toast. All in all: Coffeelicious is always a good idea.


Lange Voorhout 58, 2514 EG Den Haag


14. Jamey Bennett

Bij Jamey Bennett noemen zichzelf ook wel de internationale huiskamer van Den Haag. De bakstenen muren, bruine leren stoelen en donkere muren dragen bij aan de warme sfeer die er heerst en op het menu vind je internationale gerechten uit de Mibrasa houtskooloven.

How nice is it to start your day with a big plate of fried eggs on toast? Or a fresh tuna salad sandwich? And if you want to make it extra good, order a tasty portion of fries with truffle mayonnaise. Perfect meal for a hangover!


Plaats 11, 2513 AD Den Haag


15. Anne & Max

Anne & Max zijn waarschijnlijk geen onbekenden voor je, want zij hebben zaken in verschillende steden in het land. En zo natuurlijk ook Den Haag! In huiselijke sferen drink je een lekkere bak koffie met daarbij (natuurlijk) een stuk taart.

Not only a wonderful place for a high tea or a nice cup of coffee, but also the place to wake up quietly with a late breakfast.

For example, choose the extensive breakfast plate, with different types of bread, savory and sweet fillings, oeuf en cocotte, creamy yogurt with fruit and Anne & Max granola and a jug of fresh orange juice.


Kerkplein 4, 2513 AZ Den Haag
Fahrenheitstraat 472, 2561 DH Den Haag
Frederik Hendriklaan 166, 2582 BK Den Haag


16. Vlaamsch Broodhuys

Is bij jou het hoogtepunt van een high tea de sandwiches? Overweeg dan zeker om naar het Vlaamsch Broodhuys in Den Haag te gaan. Hier geniet je van verschillende soorten zuurdesembrood met lekker hartig beleg.

Nothing beats fresh bread! Our favourites? Dimitri sandwiches with mackerel rillettes and chicken pesto cheese melt. Before you leave, don’t forget to bring some from the bakery, such as a delicious butter cake or brownie!


Frederik Hendriklaan 100, 2582 BE Den Haag
Bankastraat 76, 2585 EP Den Haag



In het Zeeheldenkwartier kan je bij PLENTY even ontsnappen aan de drukte met een lekker plant-based ontbijtje. De gerechten hebben Midden-Oosterse invloeden en zijn verrassend en voedzaam. Of je nou trek hebt in pancakes, overnight oats of lekker brood; het kan allemaal.

In the Zeeheldenkwartier you can escape the hustle and bustle at PLENTY, with a delicious plant-based breakfast. The dishes have Middle Eastern influences and are surprising and nutritious. Whether you like pancakes, overnight oats or good quality bread; everything is possible.


Piet Heinstraat 37, 2518 CB Den Haag


18. Café Loft

Het gebouw van de Jeruzalemkerk in Den Haag is getransformeerd in een super leuk café, namelijk Café Loft. Een super mooie lichte lunchroom waar je puur en kleurrijk eet.

The building of the Jerusalem Church has been transformed into a super nice café, namely Café Loft. A beautiful light lunchroom where you eat pure and colourful dishes.

How about a sourdough sandwich with avocado and feta smash, pomegranate, beetroot powder, black sesame, nigella seeds and a poached egg? Or do you want to go big and go for the Lost Vegy Burger with wild mushrooms, spicy mayo, kimchi, gluten-free bun and sweet potato fries?


Pomonaplein 49A, 2564 XS Den Haag


19. Lunchroom Zondag

You get a real living room feeling at Zondag on the Fahrenheitstraat. Delicious coffee in all shapes and sizes, fresh cakes, organic soft drinks, fresh juices and an extensive food menu. Think of delicious pancakes, smoothie bowls, sandwiches and much more.

Also nice: they have a beautiful garden where you can sit in the sun!


Fahrenheitstraat 685, 2561 DD Den Haag


What’s your favourite hotspot in The Hague for a nice brunch?


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