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22 Great restaurants in The Hague

By Mathilde Simon
July 29, 2020

The Hague is full of nice restaurants, where you can enjoy the tastiest dishes and drinks for hours.

From sushi to Mexican and from budget to an extensive dinner; below we share the best restaurants in The Hague.


1. Bøg

At Bøg you dine according to the “New Nordic Cuisine”. And what exactly does that mean? It’s cuisine where people, nature and sustainability are most important. The dishes are simple, pure, fresh and seasonal.

This Scandinavian mentality is reflected in not only the dishes, but also the atmosphere, hospitality and interior. It’s definitely worth a visit!


Prinsestraat 130, 2513 CH Den Haag


2. Mama Kelly

At Mama Kelly, the concept is simple: you eat chicken or lobster. The interior is beautiful and a the cocktail delicious. Are you not a fan of chicken or lobster? They also serve steaks and a vegetarian risotto.


Saturnusstraat 100, 2516 AH Den Haag


3. QUERU ‘Cantina Mexicana’

A Mexican restaurant cannot be missed from this list! Easy going comfort food, with modernized traditional flavors. And of course, a classic Margarita completes the experience!


Prinsestraat 30, 2513 CD Den Haag


4. De Sushi Meisjes

In the Zeeheldenkwartier you will find ‘De Sushi Meisjes’ (meaning: the sushi girls), who prepare fresh tasty sushi rolls with passion every day. In addition to the classics, they also serve sushi rolls with a twist or vegan options. Do you prefer to eat it at home? You can drop by for take-away or have it delivered to your doorstep.


Valkenboskade 622, 2563 JP Den Haag
Prins Hendrikstraat 96, 2518 HW Den Haag


5. Tapisco

In The Hague, you eat tapas at Tapisco. Imagine the sun is shining, you have a glass of white wine in your hand and Portuguese and Spanish tapas dishes are waiting for you. Sounds great right?


Kneuterdijk 11, 2514 EM Den Haag


6. Little V

If you like Vietnamese food, Little V is definitely worth a visit. Here you can share tasty dishes, choose a dish for yourself (such as a tasty Pho) or let the chef surprise you.

The restaurant has a great vice, an amazing interior, and is always packed. Make sure to try their homemade ice teas and cocktails as well!


Rabbijn Maarsenplein 21, 2512 HJ Den Haag


7. Palmette

Bij de bistro Palmette in Den Haag eet je volgens de Frans-internationele keuken. Dit betekent gerechten zoals gnocchi met eekhoorntjesbrood, kastanjes en champignons of bijvoorbeeld aubergine op Libanese wijze, kabeljauw of knolselderijsoep.

Palmette is a beautiful bistro where they serve dishes according to the French international cuisine.

Start your evening with gnocchi, porcini mushrooms and chestnuts, then choose Lebanese-style aubergine, spicy lentils, taboulé, saffron curd, pomegranate and tomato-harissa chutney as the main course.

Finish with one of their tasty cocktails and you are guaranteed a wonderful evening.


Plaats 27, 2513 AD Den Haag


8. Gastropub van Kinsbergen

It is a mix of a Dutch café and an English gastropub. It’s not a typical English pub where they serve only beer, but a light restaurant with an extensive menu and many (special) beers.

Choose dishes to share such as ‘bitterballen’, nachos or jalapeno poppers, or choose something from their ‘Fancy pub food’ menu, such as the Van Kinsburger with twister fries with parmesan & truffle.


Prins Hendrikplein 15, 2518 JC Den Haag


9. Café de Florèz

Café de Florèz heeft een klein stukje Parijs naar Den Haag gehaald. Op de Annastraat in het Hofkwartier eet je niet alleen een lekkere lunch, maar schuif je ook aan voor Franse diner gerechten.

Café de Florèz brought a small piece of Paris to The Hague. On Annastraat in the Hofkwartier you not only eat a nice lunch, but you can also enjoy French dinner dishes.


Annastraat 17, 2513 AT Den Haag


10. Ich bin ein hamburger

You might expect a restaurant with German influences, but once you step inside, the decor immediately gives off a French vibe. On the menu you’ll find different types of burgers, such as “Le Big Mac”, the “Tunamelt Burger” and the “Petite Royale with Cheese”.

The perfect place for eating a burger in The Hague.


Prins Hendrikstraat 53, 2518 HJ Den Haag


11. Dekxels

Dekxels is a warm and cozy restaurant, where you eat according to the Asian and Mediterranean cuisine. And the best thing to do is to to share the dishes with your table companions.


Denneweg 130, 2514 CL Den Haag


12. Restaurant ñ

In addition to Tapisco, Restaurant ñ is another great place in The Hague for tapas. Whether you prefer simple tapas dishes or larger main courses; just find a spot on the terrace and enjoy!


Nobelstraat 22, 2513 BD Den Haag


13. Ohana Poké & More

Fortunately, the popular poké bowl has found its way to The Hague. This Hawaiian dish includes fresh fish, rice, lettuce, vegetables and different types of garnish. You can put it together yourself or leave it to the experts; it will be good anyway!


Prinsestraat 18, 2513 CD Den Haag


14. Walter Benedict

Bij Walter Benedict in Den Haag eet je natuurlijk heerlijke gerechten waarin ei de hoofdrol speelt. Eggs benedict, eggs florentine, een uitsmijter, avocado toast met een gepocheerd eitje… Klinkt goed toch!?

During the day you can eat the tastiest dishes with eggs, but during dinner you eat oysters and good wine, as can be expected in a bistro.


Denneweg 69A, 2514 CE Den Haag


15. Vincenzo’s Osteria

You may have been waiting for it while reading this article: an Italian restaurant. Across the street you’ll find their pizzeria, while in the Osteria you can expect tasty antipasti and pasta dishes.


Tasmanstraat 129, 2518 VL Den Haag


16. ONI Japanese Dining

Another good place for sushi in The Hague. Using fresh ingredients, they prepare delicious sushi, sashimi and tempura. It’s a favorite of many. Have you tried it yet?


Prinsestraat 35, 2513 CA Den Haag


17. Glaswerk

The perfect place if you like to be surprised! At Glaswerk you eat according to a fixed 4-, 5- or 6-course menu, consisting of classic dishes prepared with fresh, seasonal products.


Fokkerkade 14, 2516 CC Den Haag


18. Stan & Co

In addition to a nice breakfast or lunch, this hotspot in The Hague is a great place to spend your evening. Be surprised by the chef with a 3 course menu, or choose for yourself.


Buitenhof 5, 2513 AG Den Haag


19. Bleyenberg

The menu of the Bleyenberg restaurant, also known as ‘De Kantine’, effortlessly transitions from lunch to dinner. From 17:30 it is the place on the Grote Markt where you share dishes such as bao with duck, fries and crispy fish tacos according to the shared dining principle.


Grote Markt 10, 2511 BG Den Haag


20. UMAMI by Han

The social aspect of food is very important at UMAMI. It’s all about social dining, because this is what brings people closer together, according to Chinese culture.

UMAMI is also the fifth taste, next to sweet, sour, salty and bitter, and means “delicious taste”. You pick two dishes per person per course, which you then share. That way you can taste all flavors and experience the UMAMI for yourself.


Buitenhof 46, 2513 AH Den Haag


21. Jamey Bennett

Bij Jamey Bennett noemen zichzelf ook wel de internationale huiskamer van Den Haag. De bakstenen muren, bruine leren stoelen en donkere muren dragen bij aan de warme sfeer die er heerst en op het menu vind je internationale gerechten uit de Mibrasa houtskooloven.

They also call themselves the international living room of The Hague. The brick walls, brown leather chairs and dark painted walls add to the warm atmosphere, as the menu features international dishes from the Mibrasa charcoal oven.


Plaats 11, 2513 AD Den Haag


22. Love & Peas

At Love & Peas you eat dishes according to the Palestinian cuisine. This means many vegetarian dishes such as falafel, pita bread and mezzes.


Weimarstraat 37A, Den Haag


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The Hague is filled with great restaurants, where you can enjoy the tastiest dishes, matching drinks and pleasant atmosphere for hours. Read them all here!

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