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Zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, serveren ze bij Happy Tosti in Den Haag de heerlijkste tosti’s. Maar ook panini’s en yoghurt bowls staan op het menu.

23 Hotspots for lunch in The Hague

By Mathilde Simon
July 29, 2020

Whether you visit to the capital of South Holland for just a day or if you are a real ‘Hagenees’ looking for a nice place to have lunch; this list of lunch spots in The Hague is exactly what you need!

Below we share the best cafes and restaurants for a nice lunch in The Hague. From avocado toast to culinary specials to croquettes, there are plenty of options to fill your afternoon and your stomach.


1. Teds

Pancakes, avocado with poached egg, croque monsieur, juices or a glass of mimosa? At Teds you order from the same menu from morning until late afternoon; hence an all-day brunch!


Frederikstraat 32, 2514 LK Den Haag


2. Mugs & Mermaids

Als je van kleurrijke gerechten houdt, moet je echt naar Mugs & Mermaids in Den Haag. Denk aan latte’s in alle kleuren van de regenboog, blauwe pancakes, paarse smoothie bowls, salades met blauwe dressing en ga zo maar door.

At Mugs & Mermaids you don’t get your typical, boring dishes. Expect colorful, fancy creations that are healthy and delicious.

Think of blue cappuccinos, pink latte’s, red pancakes and purple smoothie bowls. All with without using artificial colouring!


Torenstraat 79, 2513 BP Den Haag



Bij HUG THE TEA in Den Haag staat alles in het teken van de biologische groene thee matcha! Matcha pancakes, - wafel, smoothie bowls en meer!

Foto: Myrthe Slootjes

Matcha is hot! And the sisters Claire and Lisa who started HUG THE TEA in The Hague know this. This organic green tea is not only great for making a latte, you can also incorporate it in all kinds of dishes.

What can you expect on the menu? Matcha pancakes, matcha waffles and matcha smoothie bowls. But also avocado toast and other tasty sandwiches!


Papestraat 13, 2513 AV Den Haag


4. Appeltje Eitje

Delicious homemade sandwiches, soups, cakes, toasties and more. At Appeltje Eitje you enter a lunchroom with a homely atmosphere where there is something for everyone. And when the sun shines, it has a lovely terrace for you to enjoy.


Prins Hendrikstraat 69, 2518 HL Den Haag


5. House of Tribes

Een ontmoetingsplek waar iedereen zich thuis voelt; dat is het doel van House of Tribes. Ga zitten voor een vers kopje koffie en een ontbijtje, maar to go is natuurlijk ook mogelijk!

We already knew that House of Tribes is a great place for coffee in The Hague, but did you also know that it’s perfect for lunch?

For example, choose the Avo Nutri-Bomb or the Smokey Salmon Salad Bowl.


Turfmarkt 28, 2511 CA Den Haag


6. BijClarence

In het Zeeheldenkwartier vind je het huiselijke Bij Clarence, waar je kunt ontbijten, lunchen of gewoon een kopje koffie kunt doen.

At BijClarence you can expect a nice casual atmosphere and tasty lunch dishes.

A tasty fried egg or sandwich with homemade free-range salad; never too much fuss and simply delicious! Tip: try their homemade cakes.


Piet Heinstraat 60, A, 2518 CJ Den Haag


7. Pistache Cafe

When you think of pistachio, you think of green. Incorporated in both their interior and dishes, you’ll find hints of this tasty snack. Think of avocado on toast, pistachio cheesecake or a carpaccio sandwich with pistachio mayo.

A lovely lunchroom near the Palace Gardens.


Prinsestraat 134, 2513 CH Den Haag


8. Baladi Manouche

At Baladi they serve a dish that you probably don’t see very often. It’s a Lebanese flatbread with toppings such as cheese, falafel, hummus, egg and shawarma.

The ingredients are freshly made on a daily basis and the taste is top notch. Ideal if you are craving something other than a regular sandwich.


Torenstraat 95, 2513 BP Den Haag


9. Café Zèta

Zèta is a popular eatery on the Grote Markt where you can basically spend your entire day. The menu is extensive, so there is something for everyone. From sandwiches, to burritos, to salads.


Grote Markt 28, 2511 BG Den Haag


10. Hometown

De dag beginnen doe je bij Hometown koffie. Want niet alleen hebben ze hier havermout, smoothies en breakfast bowls, ze hebben ook een uitgebreide keuze uit koffies, slow coffees en ijskoffies.

Do you fancy a good coffee and a tasty lunch? Then try lunch at Hometown.

The menu includes Shaksuka, “Buttery Brioche Toast” and flatbread with pumpkin and chicken.


Buitenhof 4, 2513 AG Den Haag


11. Anne & Max

Een lekkere lunch, koffie, gebak, ontbijt, high tea… Bij Anne & Max kan het allemaal.

A nice lunch, coffee, piece of cake, breakfast, high tea… At Anne & Max anything is possible.

How about the “lunch for two”, with different breads and spreads, a soup, salad and juice? Or the Very Vegan Club, with vegan bacon, avocado, tomato, roasted vegetables and vegan mayonnaise?


Kerkplein 4, 2513 AZ Den Haag
Frederik Hendriklaan 166, 2582 BK Den Haag
Fahrenheitstraat 472, 2561 DH Den Haag


12. Vascobelo

This originally Belgian hotspot is the ideal place for a nice coffee and lunch. Thanks to the wooden furniture, bookcases and accessories, the cafe has a homely atmosphere where you can eat and chat with your friends for hours.


Hooistraat 2, 2514 BM Den Haag


13. Lapsang

In the afternoon, Sanne is ready to serve you tasty sandwiches, soup, burgers and cakes. The place looks like a cozy old-fashioned living room and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Tip: try an afternoon tea in The Hague at Lapsang


Oude Molstraat 11A, 2513 BA Den Haag



In addition to the royal high tea, BLOEM is a nice place to enjoy some lunch in The Hague. This living room restaurant is decorated with teapot lamps and flower paintings, and the tableware is seamlessly in line with this.

Although they have quite a sweet tooth at BLOEM, there are also plenty of options on the menu for people who prefer something savory.


Korte Houtstraat 6, 2511 CD Den Haag


15. Kaafi

Kaafi is located on Prinsestraat, where you drink good quality coffee and can enjoy an extensive lunch. The menu is filled with dishes that make your mouth water. Think of Apple Pie French Toast, Turkish Eggs and Blueberry Pancakes.


Prinsestraat 25, 2513 CA Den Haag


16. Juni

What is your favorite month? We know the answer of this hotspot in The Hague… Here it feels like it’s always June!

In Het Nutshuis they serve a daily changing menu, such as a salad (that you can create yourself) or a tasty warm dish.


Riviervismarkt 5, 2513 AM Den Haag


17. Capriole Café

Foto: Myrthe Slootjes

You will find Capriole Café in a beautiful spot with a lovely terrace at the Fokker harbour. An industrial building with a restaurant and coffee roaster, where you can drink fresh coffee and order sandwiches, burgers or croquettes.


Fokkerkade 18, 2516 CC Den Haag


18. Bleyenberg

In the restaurant of Bleyenberg, also called “De Kantine”, you can have breakfast and lunch until 4:30 PM and from 2:00 PM you can start your afternoon drinks with accompanying snacks.

The restaurant has huge windows, beautiful plants, a spacious interior and high ceilings.


Grote Markt 10, 2511 BG Den Haag


19. Happy Tosti

Zoals de naam al doet vermoeden, serveren ze bij Happy Tosti in Den Haag de heerlijkste tosti’s. Maar ook panini’s en yoghurt bowls staan op het menu.

Who doesn’t love a good sandwich? As well as paninis and yogurt bowls, they are all on the menu at Happy Tosti.

Did you also know that Happy Tosti is a social lunch restaurant? This means that their employees have an occupational disability. That way they have a place where they can work and social money is saved.


Korte Poten 5, 2511 EB Den Haag


20. Stan & Co

A place for breakfast, lunch and dinner. What can you expect? A creative, vibrant meeting place with industrial elements combined with wood, where you can eat lunch dishes such as beef croquette sandwich, poke bowl and egg benedict.


Buitenhof 5, 2513 AG Den Haag


21. Werelds

You can find Werelds on the Bierkade in The Hague, where you can enjoy a healthy lunch on their sunny terrace on the quay. The products are fair, regional and seasonal.

A large number of the dishes are also vegetarian or vegan, so there’s something for everyone.


Bierkade 16A, 2512 AB Den Haag


22. Palmette

Bij de bistro Palmette in Den Haag eet je volgens de Frans-internationele keuken. Dit betekent gerechten zoals gnocchi met eekhoorntjesbrood, kastanjes en champignons of bijvoorbeeld aubergine op Libanese wijze, kabeljauw of knolselderijsoep.

In this colorful, vibrant restaurant, fresh and culinary dishes are on the menu.

In addition to the rich organic sandwiches, opt for one of their specials, such as the brioche with Asian crispy chicken and sriracha mayonnaise, or the organic burger with onion compote, aged cheese and porcini mushroom mayonnaise.


Plaats 27, 2513 AD Den Haag


23. Blossom

Are you visiting the Peace Palace? Then have lunch at Blossom. Here they have sandwiches, cakes or a high tea for the big appetite!


Anna Paulownastraat 70C, 2518 BH Den Haag


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