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Als je van kleurrijke gerechten houdt, moet je echt naar Mugs & Mermaids in Den Haag. Denk aan latte’s in alle kleuren van de regenboog, blauwe pancakes, paarse smoothie bowls, salades met blauwe dressing en ga zo maar door.

11x Delicious pancakes in The Hague

By Mathilde Simon
November 02, 2020

Whether you are looking for a nice breakfast or lunch in The Hague, pancakes are always a great idea!

We did some searching for the best places to taste those delicious (American) pancakes and… we found them! Below the best hotspots where they serve delicious fluffy pancakes.


1. Mugs & Mermaids

Als je van kleurrijke gerechten houdt, moet je echt naar Mugs & Mermaids in Den Haag. Denk aan latte’s in alle kleuren van de regenboog, blauwe pancakes, paarse smoothie bowls, salades met blauwe dressing en ga zo maar door.

Pancakes might taste great, but we also judge them by their looks! And making them look fantastic, is something Mugs & Mermaids is pretty good at. If you take a look at their Instagram you will immediately understand what we mean; the colorful dishes are true eye catchers!

Blue, pink or yellow pancakes? Everything is possible! They are all beautifully decorated with the tastiest toppings and made with natural ingredients.


Torenstraat 79, 2513 BP Den Haag


2. Capriole Café

Photo: Myrthe Slootjes

Pancakes aren’t just for breakfast, is what they might have thought at Capriole Café. Because even though they don’t open their doors here until 12:00, the pancakes are also a great option for lunch.

The Sexy Pancakes at Capriole Café come with a tasty mango-pineapple compote, Oreo crumble, vanilla ice cream and a sauce of salted caramel and coffee from Guatemala. Yum!


Fokkerkade 18, 2516 CC Den Haag


3. Single Estate Coffee Roasters

At Single Estate they have a fantastic eye for detail. The interior of the store is clean & modern and the dishes look like they have been prepared with great care.

And the same goes for the pancakes. With their fresh ingredients and delicious hazelnut flavour, they make their sweet dishes taste delicious.

And while you’re there, don’t forget to taste a nice cup of coffee, because that’s one of their many talents as well!


Piet Heinstraat 15, 2518 CB Den Haag


4. Coco

At Coco, it’s a real food fest. This breakfast and lunch café in the Hofkwartier makes the tastiest and colourful dishes, that just beg to be photographed.

On the menu you will find vegan banana pancakes, with maple syrup, coconut and fresh fruit. Also tasty are the ricotta pancakes, with fresh fruit and pink coconut cream.


Molenstraat 63, 2513 BJ Den Haag


5. Coffeelicious

The sweet-toothed among us are probably already familiar with Coffeelicious. Because here they bake the most delicious cakes in addition to their breakfast and lunch dishes.

In a place like this, pancakes cannot be missing from the menu. The Coffeelicious pancakes are as they should be: with fresh fruit, powdered sugar and maple syrup. Are you vegan? Then try the banana pancakes!


Lange Voorhout 58, 2514 EG Den Haag


6. Club Vers

With one glance at the Club Vers lunch menu, the choice is quickly made. First thing on the menu are the delicious pancakes with homemade hazelnut chocolate spread and strawberry. Or would you prefer the pancakes with bruléed banana, with salted caramel mascarpone, almond flakes and maple syrup…?


Stationsweg 136a, 2515 BS Den Haag


7. Teds

At this all-day brunch hotspot, pancakes should of course not be missing from the menu. Because in addition to the indispensable French toasts, avocado sandwiches and fried eggs, you can enjoy some banana pancakes with Oreo clumble and Nutella drizzle here.


Frederikstraat 32, 2514 LK Den Haag


8. Perron X Coffee

Besides the fact that you have to try their delicious coffee, the menu is also worth a visit. From 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM you can choose from delicious breakfast and lunch dishes, including their pancakes.

You can choose the American pancakes with different toppings, both savory and sweet. For example, you have pancakes with cheese, turkey bacon, maple syrup and cream. Or the sweet version with strawberry, banana, chocolate sauce and whipped cream.


Torenstraat 98, 2513 BV Den Haag


9. Café Zèta

You can spend hours at Café Zèta, thanks to the great workplaces they have created there. Do you start your (work) day early? Then just order something from their breakfast menu! Their banana pancakes come with pecan crumble, blueberry jam and agave syrup. And as a bonus: they are vegan!


Grote Markt 28, 2511 BG Den Haag


10. Haleys Comet Breakfast Club

Bij Haley's Comet op de Piet Heinstraat staat het in het teken van de 80's. Lekker nostalgisch en een tikje rebels. En dat is precies hoe het menu is bedacht: Amerikaanse en Nederlandse klassiekers, waarbij het oude en het nieuwe wordt gecombineerd. Het resultaat? Bagels, breakfast bowls én natuurlijk pancakes!

This cool spot on the Piet Heinstraat is all about the 80’s; nostalgic and a bit rebellious. And that’s exactly how the menu was meant: American and Dutch classics, and combining the old and the new. The result? Bagels, breakfast bowls and of course pancakes!

The pancakes come in different types. You have the American Classic, with bacon and maple syrup; the Spinach Pancakes; the Blueberry Banana; and the S’Mores Pancakes. Sounds good, right?


Piet Heinstraat 133, 2518 CG Den Haag



Bij PLENTY zijn de gerechten 100% plantaardig. Daarnaast besteden ze veel tijd en liefde aan het kiezen van de ingrediënten, om er zeker van te zijn dat er heerlijke voedzame gerechten uit komen.

At PLENTY the dishes are 100% plant based. In addition, they spend a lot of time and love choosing the ingredients to ensure that their dishes are delicious and nutritious.

What does this mean for the pancakes? Spelt flour pancakes with hazelnut caramel, baked apples, blueberry, cinnamon, maple syrup and butter!


Piet Heinstraat 37, 2518 CB Den Haag


Did you get hungry after reading this article? Same here! Which pancakes will you be testing soon?

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Craving some pancakes? We've listed the best hotspots in The Hague to enjoy some fluffy pancakes.

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