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How do I
rent a bike?

The Dutch like to cycle, that’s a fact! There are cycle paths everywhere and not owning a bike is rare. We use it for everything; groceries, transportation to school, to work or as a workout.

When you visit The Hague, we therefore recommend renting a bike. It’s a fun and easy way to explore the city. There are several options for renting a bicycle in The Hague. For some you need a public transportation card, but for others you don’t. We explain the most common below:


1. Rental companies

Renting a bicycle in The Hague via a rental company is very easy. For this, you won’t need an OV card either. You can either rent a bicycle at of the rental shops, or you can simply do it online! A convenient way to do this is via BimBimBikes.

BimBimBikes is an online mediator between you and other bicycle rental companies. You can easily reserve, book and pay for your bike here. It goes like this:

Step 1. Surf to the BimBimBikes website and choose the country where you’re traveling. Then type in The Hague.

Step 2. View the rental companies at your chosen location and compare the prices. Here you make the decision where you would like to rent a bicycle.

Step 3. Then choose the number of days you want to rent a bicycle.

Step 4. Also enter the type and number of bicycles. On the right-hand side you will immediately see the total amount of your chosen bicycle(s).

Step 5. Complete your payment. As soon as your booking with BimBimBikes is received, they will send you a confirmation of receipt.

Rent a bike with BimBimBikes here.


2. Rent an OV bicycle

You can easily rent a public transport bicycle at The Hague Central. Renting a bike like this, requires a personal OV chip card. A ride with the OV bicycle costs € 3.85 up to 24 hours. After this you pay for an extra rental period. After 72 hours you pay a surcharge of € 5.00.

Are you done cycling? Return the bike to the point where you picked it up. Thanks to your personal public transport card, the costs are automatically debited from your account every month.


3. Buy a bike

If you are staying in The Hague for a longer period of time, for example because of work or your studies, having a bicycle is very much recommended. If this is the case, we recommend simply buying your own bicycle. Check Marktplaats for a second-hand bike and search Facebook groups in The Hague for community groups. After you leave The Hague, you can easily sell it again.