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Parkeren in
The Hague

1. Parking garages

Parking in a parking garage in The Hague is a way to park your car in a central and relatively cheap way. As soon as you enter The Hague, you will see signs with parking routes that you can follow: P-route Centrum-Noord, Centrum-Zuid, Centrum-West and Central Station. You will find several parking garages along these routes.

Check this link for an overview of parking garages, prices and opening hours in The Hague.


2. P+R areas

A smart way to save money and avoid traffic jams is to park your car at a P+R site in The Hague. These Park and Ride spots can be found near public transport, where you can continue traveling for a low fare or for free.

Check this link for a handy overview of all Park and Ride sites in The Hague.


3. Street parking in The Hague

It is a slightly more expensive option, but sometimes the most convenient one. Prices may vary by location, but generally speaking, the closer to the center, the higher the price. You enter the registration number of your car at the parking meters on the street. After this you indicate how long you want to park and you pay with pin or credit card. A parking ticket behind the windscreen is therefore not necessary!

Another way to park on the street is through an app such as Parkmobile or Yellowbrick.


4. Mobypark

A very easy way to park your car in The Hague, for a part of a day, for a week or even for several months, is via Mobypark. It works just like Airbnb: you rent a parking space from someone else.

Making a reservation for a parking spot is very easy and fast. On the website you enter the address and the arrival & departure times. Choose a parking space and make a reservation. You book a parking space at Mobypark via this link.