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9 Amazing vintage shops in The Hague

By Mathilde Simon
November 03, 2020

In this list you can find the best vintage shops in The Hague! Scattered throughout the city you will find the coolest boutiques with beautiful vintage items, such as jewelry, shoes, jackets, bags, but also furniture and home accessories.

Apart from the fact that vintage shopping is often much more affordable, it is also a sustainable way of shopping. And a great plus: chances are that you are the only one wearing these unique gems!

Discover the best vintage shops in The Hague below. Most of the items in this list are clothing stores, but there will also be some cool vintage furniture!

Photo: Zusjes vintage boetiek / Lotte van Uittert


1. Little green shop by Bar & Zo

Of course the name already gives it away a bit, but at this nice vintage shop they sell ‘green’ products.

This means not only plants, but also authentic vintage interior and second-hand clothing that are sustainable, local and natural. Owners Barro and Zoë select all products with care and are inspired by contemporary trends!


Prins Hendrikstraat 103, 2518 HM Den Haag


2. Sprinkel + Hop

Photo: Muk van Lil

An absolute gem is Sprinkel + Hop. Here they don’t sell clothes, but only vintage interior. The furniture is mainly from the 40s to 70s and is, if necessary, refurbished a bit by the owner!

It may not be the place where you walk away with a vintage closet for a few bucks, but don’t let that stop you! Because the pieces here are absolute eye catchers.


Weimarstraat 19, 2562 GN Den Haag


3. Zusjes vintage boetiek

Thanks to their love for beautiful old things, the – practically sisters – Sanne & Moniek started their own boutique. They love nothing more than looking for cool and rare items, and they are good at it as well!

Also check their Instagram to see what they offer. Do you see something you like? Then you can just send them a DM!


Boekhorststraat 93, 2512 CM Den Haag



A vintage store with all kinds of nice clothing, interior accessories, small furniture, bags, shoes, jewelry and more!

Do you have clothing or lifestyle items that you no longer want? Then you can bring them to SPOOKY & SUE for a percentage of the proceeds and they will sell them for you in the store.


Conradkade 34, 2517 BP Den Haag


5. Vintage Island

You may have already heard from Vintage Island as this vintage shop is located in Utrecht, Leiden, Maastricht, Groningen, Haarlem and of course The Hague.

Expect great boots and a wide range of different types of clothing here!


Korte Poten 29, 2511 EC Den Haag


6. Episode

Another well-known vintage store is Episode. Not a small boutique, but a huge company spread over various cities in the Netherlands and other countries.

Looking for something specific? Chances are you’ll find it at Episode. They have a wide range of cool t-shirts, sweaters, blouses, jackets, Levi jeans, shoes, accessories and so on!


Molenstraat 39, 2513 BJ Den Haag


7. Lola Stola

When you walk on the Prins Hendrikstraat your attention will immediately be grabbed by this cute shop. On the outside is a nice bright blue bench, plants and an enormous ivy. Inside it will feel like stepping into a chaotic wardrobe where you can browse for hours.


Prins Hendrikstraat 161, 2518 HP Den Haag


8. Evy’s Vintage

Evy’s vintage is mainly about the best quality vintage and second-hand items, from cool high-end brands and well-known designers. Here you can score shoes from Gucci, bags from Chanel and so on. So, it may just be that you score a one of a kind gem of your favorite brand here!


Pr. Mariestraat 7C, 2514 KC Den Haag


9. Achtung! Baby

This second-hand store is – indeed – meant for the little ones. The range consists of beautiful clothing for kids between 0 and 12 years. The store is fresh and the collection changes every two weeks.

In addition to second-hand clothing, they sell handmade items from starting labels.


Prins Hendrikstraat 97, 2518 HM Den Haag


Do you know another hidden gem in The Hague where they sell cool vintage items? Let us know in the comments!

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